The Photo Mosaic Wall in a Nutshell

The Photo Mosaic Wall creates digital & physical mosaics from live event photos in real-time.
The photos are automatically fetched from Instagram, Twitter, on-site photo booths,
an on-site photographer’s camera, and more.

The photo mosaic wall makes everyone at the event feel like once you look at the big picture,
we’re all in it together.
From up-close, you see individual photos – further back, the mosaic is revealed.

In a ‘physical setup’: The Photo Mosaic Wall automatically prints photos as stickers.
Guests can engage in the interactive experience by placing their photo stickers on the mosaic board.

In a ‘digital setup’: The mosaic generation process is either projected (using a projector) or displayed on a large-screen TV.
The photos transition into their place on the mosaic in real-time with a 3D effect.

Photo Mosaic Wall

Any size mosaic can be created: 50″x50″, 72″x108″, or larger

Activation can span multiple days !

Dedicated Operator on site to help facilitate the process !

Large 55″ Screen can be provided to enhance the guest experience
(watch the mosaic unfold on the big screen !)
A digital setup of the Photo Mosaic Wall can serve as a practically effortless, yet still amazing event attraction.

Cool looking Giant LEGO Block wall provided to support the Photo Mosaic Board

Mosaic Wall completed by the end of the event

Optional: Framing and lamination of the final mosaic 

Photo Booth

Add our Photo Booth to help capture that special moment
and also generate a mosaic tile to place on the board !

Contact us for pricing details, features and options: info@photomosaicwall.net

The end result:
A beautiful mosaic of photos from the event.

photo mosaic wall

Photo Mosaic Wall provided by

Olga Pankova Photo Mosaic Wall