Photo Mosaic Wall

Photo Mosaic Wall


No need for any physical distancing concerns !
Post your photos on Instagram,  Twitter, FaceBook or send your photos via email, or text message and have your Live Virtual Photo Mosaic unfold online !

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Guest generated.

Guest participation with our Photo Mosaic Wall is simple and easy process.
Your guests  use their own phones, take photos, tag them on Instagram and Twitter accounts
to easily add to the mosaic and share their experience with their own friends and family.

Your Experience.

We want your activation/event to be awesome.

We provide all the support for every step of the process.

Your event is in expert hands.


It’s the absolute ultimate keepsake for event hosts and creates a meaningful experience like no other for event guests. The physical setup of the Photo Mosaic Wall allows you to create stunning mosaics on physical boards ranging from small to gigantic.

Event guests can take part in the creation process, place their photos on the mosaic wall and see them become a part of the whole. The final mosaic board can be framed and kept by the event’s hosts as a souvenir that doubles as a work of art.

The basic physical mosaic setup consists of a board with a numbered grid, a single printer, printing consumables, and of course, a laptop with the Photo Mosaic Wall software installed and configured for the event. Our service offers direct supply of all of the hardware and materials.

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Photo Mosaic Wall is provided by

Olga Pankova Photo Mosaic Wall

 Photo Mosaic Wall Available
throughout the continental USA, Alaska and Hawaii